Hyderabad, Dec. 6 -- Forbes's list of 100 most powerful women is out and guess who made it to the list of most hardworking women. No, not an alien, but a doll - Barbie.

The 64-year-old iconic Barbie doll is ranked 100th on the list. It comes as a surprise to many as to how a toy could wield such a large-scale influence on millions around the world, leaving many intrigued by the impact and reach of this cultural icon.

Forbes explained its choice to pick Barbie as this year's influential most powerful woman in this article. According to it, Barbie became more than just a doll in 2023, thanks to Greta Gerwig's Warner Bros movie. Barbie exploded as a symbol of woman empowerment.

"She's a force to be reckoned with," says Lisa McKnight, Matt...