Hyderabad, Nov. 20 -- A day after local Shiv Sena leader, Nitin Nandgaokar, asked the Karachi Bakery owner in Mumbai to remove the Pakistan city's name from the brand and rename it to"something in Marathi", there were concerns that something similar might happen in Hyderabad too.

However, the Hyderabad unit of the bakery has expressed full faith in the city.

"We at Karachi Bakery have been serving the country since 1953 with best sweets and cakes. We believe in Hyderabadis that they would not take any such step to disrespect the name of Karachi Bakery," said the marketing manager of the chain.

He further expressed happiness over the statement of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut who clarified that the demand for changing the shop's name was...