India, May 16 -- 3i Group Plc (III.L) reported Thursday that its profit for the year ended 31 March 2019 declined to 1.25 billion pounds from 1.43 billion pounds last year. Earnings per share declined to 127.8 pence from 151.0 pence in the prior year.

Gross investment return decreased to 1.41 billion pounds from 1.55 billion pounds in the prior year.

Total return for the year was 1.252 billion or 18 percent on opening shareholders' funds, compared to 1.425 billion pounds or 24 percent in the year-ago period. The NAV per share at 31 March 2019 was 815 pence, compared to 724 pence a year ago.

The company's board has recommended a second dividend of 20.0 pence. Together with the first fiscal 2019 dividend of 15 pence per share paid in Janua...