KATHMANDU, Oct. 17 -- "Navaratri Parva" or the nine-night festival of Bada Dashain, a great festival of the Hindus of Nepal, commenced on Saturday.

The first day of Bada Dashain festival is called "Ghatasthapana '' that falls on Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, the first day of the bright half of the lunar calendar in the month of Asoj or Kartik.

On the day of Ghatasthapana, Hindu Nepalis worship Diyo (an oil-fed lamp), Kalash (auspicious jar) and lord Ganesh in accordance with the Vedic rituals and sow maize and barley seeds in a jar filled with soil and cow dung for germination of the auspicious Jamara (barley shoots).

The auspicious hour for observing Ghatasthapana was at 11:46 AM earlier today, according to Nepal Calendar Determination Com...