KATHMANDU, Aug. 10 -- Various settlements have been flooded due to heavy rains in Kathmandu last night. Due to the floods triggered by heavy rainfall, the settlements along the Bagmati and other major rivers were inundated.

In the night, the police rescued 3 people from the settlements on the Bagmati shore. Similarly, various areas such as Nagarkot in Bhaktapur, Dhap in Kathmandu, Sundarijal have been inundated.

The ground floor of the Kadaghari Police Office building is also submerged. The food, furniture and other items in the kitchen were swept away by the flood, and three motorcycles kept in the parking lot were also washed away.

According to the police, 15 people who were stranded in a cowshed near Harahar Mahadev in Bhaktapur wer...