KATHMANDU, April 18 -- On the occasion of Ram Navami, idols of Lord Ram and his better half Sita were consecrated at the Nepali temple in Thailand.

Pandit Padam Prasad Bhattarai consecrated the idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman, Sita, and Hanuman at the Shree Trinath Devalaya Dham Temple located at Sukhumvit 81, Siriphat, in the capital city, Bangkok, at 8:45 AM on Wednesday morning.

Raju Balami, the general secretary of the temple's management committee, mentioned that the idol of Lord Ram was consecrated for the first time in the Trinath Temple. Dhan Bahadur Wali, the Nepali Ambassador to Thailand, participated in the program and engaged in worship.

Ambassador Wali stated that the Nepali temple serves as a center of faith not only for Nepa...