India, Dec. 1 -- In times of spatial isolation and social distancing, an Indian entertainment Guru was seen sharing casino winnings with his followers. His ultimate goal is to promote responsible financial behavior and personal growth, along with a fun lifestyle.

Online Casino Playing Guru Seen Give Away Winning India's online gaming community is reported to be incredibly young and impressively large in a number of important industry studies. Hundreds of millions of mobile gamers access internet gambling platforms increasingly - as a conscious and safe choice over illegal backyard gambling dens and faraway regulated brick-and-mortar casinos. In light of this, it has become crucial being able to educate the wide player base about the availability of reputable gaming platforms, as well as the need for self-control and responsible behaviour. A former Tantra Guru has been spotted running a casino action stream and a personal gaming vlog which shows him, amongst other related activities, playing Lighting Roulette. The strange thing about him, however, is not the newfound vocation, or even the choice of games in particular. Having named his profile Conscious Gambling, he gives away his winnings to his followers if they adhere to some responsible gaming principles and perform some simple verification steps.

Promoting Healthy Life Choices and Responsible Entertainment The Indian YouTube Guru's motto is "gamble responsibly and win in life", and as a direct illustration of such convictions, he plays live online casino games and shares tips with viewers as the stream evolves. Being unable to hold retreats and workshops in Covid-19 conditions, he decided to try and enlighten people in another area which is quite relevant to many Indians today. A milestone of his philosophy appears to be considering gambling not as a source of making money but as a form of online entertainment. Many desi players regard their gaming sessions a sort of an investment, especially if it's more skill than luck involved. However, the YouTube Guru is there to show them that in the long run the house edge takes its small but certain share. The other rules include gambling with money one can afford and setting reasonable limits to one's sessions. If players realistically view gaming as a fun activity - even with the possibility of online socialisation and playing online with friends - these "teachings" should not be difficult to follow. By following the online gambling vlog of this former philosopher and current gaming influencer players can hear first-hand the rules of European roulette explained, learn about the importance of taking breaks and never chasing losses but rather trying to be happy with even smaller winnings.

Respectable Online Gaming Platforms Encourage Conscious Gambling Most global online casino brands are present on the Indian market, with only a few locally developed and managed gaming platforms supporting regional language versions and catering to the niche demands of the desi player. The truth about respectable casino operators, however, is that they prefer having content clients. Recognising online gaming operators which run a responsible platform and a safe betting operation frequently lies in the distinction of those internet casinos that support gaming education and would approve of the teachings of the Conscious Gambling Guru who shares his winnings with his followers.

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