India, April 29 -- For so long, India has been an untapped market in online gaming. That's not to say that several major companies from all over the world haven't tried to establish a presence in the market, it's just that the population has historically been unreceptive to digital gaming as a whole. However, that all started to change in the 2010s, first gradually, but now the vast nation is rapidly becoming a major gaming market. So, how has India suddenly become a colossus in gaming, and what does the future hold for the market?

Accessible, intuitive, and increasingly adopted

The rise of smartphones in India has been incredible over the last few years. By 2017, the subcontinent's massive population of over 1.3 billion saw a 22.7 per cent smartphone penetration rate. By 2022, that percentage is set to rise to over 36 per cent. Smartphones are becoming much more accessible, with prices coming down and the quality of the technology on the rise. What makes the growth of the mobile market in India so intriguing to gaming and online gaming is that smartphone users have been embracing globally popular titles and not just market-specific online games. The likes of PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and Clash of Clans rank among those with the largest gaming audiences in India. Such trends make it much easier for top developers to see the opportunities in India and enter the market.

Long-established online gambling platforms already proving popular

The likes of Tencent and Alibaba have already invested millions in Indian gambling apps, such as for fantasy cricket and rummy card games, but other forms of online gambling are also becoming popular. As demonstrated above, now that the Indian audience has access to the internet and online gaming via smartphones, it has become very receptive to industry-leading offerings. Being such a long-established and easily accessed form of online gaming, online casino gambling has swiftly earned a broad audience in India.The selection of E-Games at JeetWin is already proving that Indian gamers want to embrace hit gambling titles, such as Classic Mario, Dinosaur Tycoon, and Fishing God. Such a liking of proven forms of gaming bodes very well for the Indian gaming market going forward, with competition likely finding it rather easy to bring their products to the subcontinent.

Continually expanding the Indian gaming scene

Every year, millions more Indians are joining the gaming scene. Mobile gaming and online gambling via mobiles are the primary drivers of the industry, with the mobile gaming market value set to breach US$400 million by 2022. Despite the gaming industry still being relatively young with a lot more growth to experience in the coming years, gamers in India have already proven to be ready to embrace the latest industry trends, including eSports. The amount of prize money put up for eSports tournaments in India increased by 180 per cent in 2019, with a lot more growth anticipated over the next few years. Rapid smartphone adoption has led to the exponential growth of online gaming in India, with there being plenty of space for further development.

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