India, Feb. 16 -- Cricket was always popular in India but it became a national obsession after Kapil Dev and his men won the World Cup. It was the first time that India was the best in the world at something other than hockey. The fact that we won at the game our colonial overlords invented probably made it all the more sweeter.

Since then, cricket has grown exponentially and is now a 365-day event. Some sort of cricket seems to be going on every single day. Apart from the players that are making a killing getting paid handsome sums of money, a lot of people are making money from watching cricket as well.

Do you think you can get the match prediction right? Put your money where your mouth is and get paid! This is the new India and the penetration of high-speed internet to every corner of the country seems to have had an effect on cricket betting as well. Everyone is betting on cricket and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Cricket Betting is Easier Than Ever Before

We think it is common knowledge that betting is illegal inside India. However, what if you are playing at a website that is registered in a foreign country where betting is legal? This country does not fall under the jurisdiction of Indian laws at all and so you are not doing anything illegal.

Until there is a specific law enacted to stop this from happening, Indians can legally bet on cricket at any number of websites that have now started to advertise on streaming platforms as well. Betway, Dafabet, and Parimatch are some of the names that you may have come across if you have followed cricket recently.

None of these websites use the word 'betting' in their advertisements but that does not mean they are offering anything different. The exposure of the Indian public to fantasy games like Dream11 has sensitized them to real money gaming on cricket.

Technically, Dream11 and other fantasy platforms are regarded as skill-based by the Supreme Court, however, the chances of winning on those platforms are actually much lesser than on these traditional betting sites.

While these websites have existed for quite some time now and accepted customers, it is easier than ever before to start betting on cricket online.


Consider these points:

* All major betting sites, including the ones we mentioned above, accept INR as a currency

* Opening an account takes just a few minutes and requires only the bare minimum of information

* You can use methods like UPI to deposit money to your betting account with ease

* The user interface is very easy to use and designed keeping in mind that most people will be accessing the sites on their mobile devices

* The winnings are deposited straight to your bank account (or any other accepted method of choice)

Is it really such a big surprise then that a small fraction of the gray-market betting action is moving online? Not only do you not have to do anything illegal but you do not have to meet anyone during the entire process at all!

Sports betting is a worldwide phenomenon and most countries have accepted it as something that people love doing. Governments have regulated it for the protection of their citizens and to earn a hefty amount of tax revenue from the industry.

It is time for India to do the same because everyone is betting on cricket and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Source : Press Release

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