Nigeria, Nov. 15 -- Three of the governorship candidates running in Saturday's election in Bayelsa State are women, representing a low 6.6 per cent female inclusion rate. The three women are under-48.

Seiyefa Eches, 47, is the candidate of DPC, and she holds a Bachelor's degree, according to information obtained from the electoral body, INEC.

The other two are 37-year-old Oguara Nengimonyo of the DPP and 43-year-old Blessing Azibanagbal of MPN. Both have SSCE as highest academic qualification.

Commenting on the rate of women inclusion in the election, media and development activist, Stephanie Adams, blamed high capital outlay required in politics, as well as the ease for men to raise cash from godfathers.

"Godfatherism is definitely o...