Germany, June 12 -- Contract Id: 1626358

Description: Germany based Mercedes-Benz has secured contract from Gemeinnutzige Rettungsdienst Markisch-Oderland GmbH for Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation.

The contract is valued approximately 736 708.80 EUR.

Country: Germany

Sector: Industry

Contract awarded to Mercedes-Benz DE Neudecker Weg 6 Berlin 12355 Germany

Contract awarded to executing agency: Gemeinnutzige Rettungsdienst Markisch-Oderland GmbH DE Adolf-Brautigam Strabe 13 Bad Freienwalde 16259 Germany Contact person: Herr Armin Viert Telephone: +49 334430066 E-mail: Fax: +49 3344300688

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