India, Jan. 17 -- Author - ARUN SHOURIE

Publisher - Penguin/Viking, Rs 799



Publisher - Penguin/Ananda, Rs 299

Preparing For Death by Arun Shourie & Death: An Inside Story by Sadhguru speak of death in a manner that is matter-of-fact and yet eye-opening at the same time, writes Kumar Chellappan

Karthiyayani Kunhamma, my mother, passed away peacefully on November 6, 2020. Her departure from this world was as uneventful as she lived for 90 years. There were no theatrics or high drama accompanying the event. She was there alive one moment and then the other she was gone. My long-time friend and physician Dr Rajiv rushed home upon hearing the news and certified that Amma was no more.

Death was no...