Gwalior, Nov. 20 -- Hindu Mahasabha national president Rajyasri on Tuesday performed aarti at Godse's picture in Mahasabha's Gwalior Unit office after blaming Nehru Government for Mahatma Gandhi's assassination.

Rajyasri Chowdhary who is the great granddaughter of legendary revolutionary and freedom fighter Subhash Chnadra Bose was in Gwalior on Tuesday to pay tribute to Rani Laxmibai.

While talking to the media persons, blamed those present on the spot and the then Nehru government, for the death of Mahatma Gandhi.

The government is hiding its mistake. Gandhiji was not shot dead, he bled to death, claimed Rajyasri. "The bullet fired from Godse ji's pistol 'perhaps' would have hit Gandhiji, as there is no post mortem report and no eye wi...