BULUAN, Feb. 11 -- All is set for the third visit of President Rodrigo R. Duterte here Monday afternoon to distribute lands to agrarian reform beneficiaries, grace the "Inaul" festival and lead the inauguration of the new Maguindanao provincial capitol building, dubbed as the "Maguindanao White House."

The province had been celebrating the "Inaul" festival since last Feb. 7 and will culminate on February 14.

The festival showcases the iconic "Inaul" fabric Maguindanaons have been producing using wooden looms for centuries now.

It is very popular now as "malong" (wraparound tube skirt) and even used in gowns, and wedding dresses, among others.

"We are glad that the President accepted our invitation despite his busy schedule," Maguindanao...