India, Sept. 8 -- PUBG Mobile has released its new Erangle Update 1.0 across all platforms. The new update 1.0 will massively change the look and feel of the game. The patch notes of the new PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 is here now and there is a ton of new stuff. Royale Pass Season 15: BEYOND A.C.E. is available on September 14th. Version 1.0.0 which features New Erangel will be available for PUBG MOBILE starting on September 8. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires approximately 0 GB of additional storage space for Android and 1 GB of additional storage space for iOS.

Players who update the game between September 8 to September 13 will get:

* 2,888 BP.

* 100 AG.

* Red Racecar Knight Backpack for 3 days...