Bhubaneswar, July 20 -- Ho Bhagate ! Ho ! Ratha tale asi sua.

As the grand chariots rolled down the crowded roads in the holy town of Puri on Ratha Jatra, many melodious tracks were heard being rendered by the servitors atop the chariots. This ritual singing was, in fact, one of the various rituals no longer performed in its complete form during Ratha Jatra in Puri, although it is common in other parts of the State. The 'Dahuka Boli' ritual involves a charioteer, known as the 'Dahuka', who is the singer. There are, of course divine charioteers riding every chariot, but the wooden charioteers draw sustenance from the human charioteers.

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Dahuka boli or Dahuka gita are poetic recit...