Bhubaneswar, July 20 -- Gundicha temple is popularly known as the garden house of Lord Jagannath. The famous temple is situated at a distance of about three kilometre from Srimandir in Puri town. Srimandir and Gundicha temple are located at the two ends of 'Bada Danda' (Grand Road).

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Gundicha temple is built in 'Kalinga' temple style which comprises Viman (sanctum), Jagamohan, Natamandira and Bhogamandap. There is also a kitchen hall. The temple is set within a garden and is known as God's summer garden retreat. In the garden there are varieties of plants like coconut, mango, neem, bael and other favourite plants of the Lord like Tulasi, Rose and Jasmine.

The entire complex of t...