Bhubaneswar, July 3 -- Like the previous year, this year too the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings will be celebrated sans devotees in Puri.

With devotees having been barred from taking part in the annual festival, a techie from Kendrapara has come up with a unique idea to celebrate the grand event in an artistic way.

Priyanka Sahani, who is presently working as a software developer in a Bangalore-based company, has set a target to make 108 paintings of Jagannath and his siblings- both miniature and acrylic- on different objects.

Jagannath on biscuit

Priyanka, who learnt the skills from her late father Bibekananda Sahani, so far has drawn 35 images of the holy Trinity on different things like- almond, jackfruit seeds, rajm...