Bhubaneswar, March 25 -- The people in Odisha are having a gala time as they celebrate the most-awaited Dola Purnima festival on Monday.

Dola Purnima or full-moon day is celebrated in the month of Falguna. Amid the procession of deities in 'Vimana' or palanquin and smearing of 'Abira'-a violet coloured powder, people usually enjoy the festival in every nook and corner of the State.

As per tradition, Lord Narayan will circumambulate in the Dola Biman and eat bhog from the devotees today. On this occasion, Lakshmi Narayan will smear each other with 'phagu'. After the meeting of Lakshmi Narayan, people will play Holi as per the traditional rituals tomorrow in Odisha.

In Puri, the Dola Gobinda and Bhu Devi as representatives of the Holy Tr...