Bhubaneswar, Jan. 29 -- Already declared a super hit, national award winning movie 'Sala Budhara Badla' will have a pan lndia release soon with a fresh makeover.

The film made in Koshali language has been directed by eminent filmmaker Sabysachi Mohapatra. It was part of the third film of a trilogy, which also comprises Sala Budha and Adim Vichar.

The film reflecting authentic Odia culture and way of life won the award for best Odia film at the 67th national awards in 2021.

Those who have seen the movie with a fresh makeover like sound mixing and Odia language dubbing at a private screening were moved by the story, screenplays, dialogue and photography. They went gaga over the film. 'It is going to be a superhit', was the aloud reaction...