Bhubaneswar, July 22 -- In an unusual incident, a portion of the headgear (Kirita) of Lord Jagannath was found missing during the golden attire (Suna Besha) rituals of the 'Holy Trinity' in Puri on Wednesday.

According to reports, the Kirita of Lord Jaganath had only 20 'Kias' (top portion of the headgear) instead of the usual 21 'Kias'. The third 'Kia' from the left side of the headgear was missing during the Suna Besha atop Nandighosha chariot.

The missing portion of the headgear was covered with flowers. It raised the eyebrows of many devotees who were enjoying the live telecast of the famous rituals from their homes.

However, the servitors of Lord Jagannath temple assured that the broken portion of the headgear has been safely pres...