Bhubaneswar, April 6 -- Sambalpur: After detection of 30 odd SARS-CoV-2 positive cases from Dimirigunda Panchayat under Kuchinda block in the district, the local administration on Tuesday marked the panchayat as the Containment Zone and its adjoining areas as the buffer zone.

The containment restrictions, the first such control measures to be taken in Sambalpur in 2021, have been imposed on several villages of Dimirigunda Panchayat, namely Lepeikani, Bamandagarh and Dimirigunda.

Sources suspect the disease spread rapidly in the Panchayat soon after the Dola Yatra this year.

However, a doctor at the local community health centre, Sarat Kumar Dehury claims that a group of women religious mandli who had gone to the Chhattisgarh border dur...