Bhubaneswar, March 27 -- The twists and turns in Anupamaa have left the audience shell-shocked. Just a year ago the love and romance between Anuj Kapadia and Anu was on the top and contributed towards the show getting number one TRP ratings.

Now, after losing custody of Choti Anu, the married life of Anu and Anuj has taken an unexpected turn with both leaving the Kapadia house.

Anuj has blamed Anupamaa for losing Choti Anu as he believes that Anu gave more attention to the Shah family which is why they lost Choti Anu. Samar starts searching for Anupamaa but cannot find her anywhere.

After a lot of searching, the Shah family is able to find Anupamaa's whereabouts. Vanraj is internally happy about this separation of Anuj and Anu and invi...