Maharashtra, April 7 -- Mobiloitte is a Full-Service Software Development firm specializing in Blockchain, IoT, AI, Bots, Mobile, and Web Apps, Games development, with a focus on timeliness, security, scale, and performance. The firm, with a global presence in countries like Singapore, the USA, and the UK, is all set to launch a new office in Pune, Maharashtra.

While the firm already has an office in New Delhi, India, the launch of a new office is an expansion move in the market. This expansion is in line with the future plans of the firm, as they are on the path to setting up software development centers focused only on Blockchain-based offerings.

Mobiloitte 100% Blockchain technology initiative under the brand name INDIC-CHAIN is unique in its nature as the company has embraced Blockchain as a foundation for all the technology offerings ranging from Web, Mobile Games, Apps, Content Management Systems, ERPs to DevOps, AI/ML, IoT, P2E and Metaverse.Pune Hub is part of the company country-wide strategy to set up software development centers focused only on Blockchain-based offerings.

The CEO of Mobiloitte, Mr. Jagdish Harsh, said, Across India, the company is in the active process of setting up 100% Blockchain Hubs which are designed to serve as Nodes; of our INDIC CHAIN platform to harness the best of talent and to ensure last-mile connectivity of Blockchain Technology landscape. Pune being an education hub was an obvious choice for us to start here.

The INDIC CHAIN-powered 100% Blockchain Hubs of Mobiloitte have a three-point mandate that includes plans to develop and provide real-world projects, MVPs, and proofs-of-concept to their clients that are secure and scalable and based on the newest Blockchain technology, establish, work with, and participate in regional Blockchain research and development centers and establishing Digital Centers-of-Excellence at Education Institutes in rural and semi-urban areas to enable the hands-on study of Blockchain and related technologies.

Mobiloitte is a Full-Service Mobile and Web application Development firm focused on security, scalability, and performance in the Blockchain, Bots, Apps, Digital, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Power BI, NLP, and DevOps landscapes. For its clients to continually stay ahead of the curve in their go-mobile, automation plans, Mobiloitte is apt at early adoption of new technologies.

With their wide range of services and solutions in Blockchain, IoT, AI, Bots, Mobile, and Web Development, Mobiloitte can truly be a Digital Transformation Guide in the journey to Digitize Marketing, Customer Experience, Project Management, Human Resources, Support Services, Assets management, and MIS, to name a few.

About Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte is a full-service software development firm focused on Blockchain, Metaverse, AI, IoT, Mobile, Web Apps, and Games. Over a decade of experience with offices in Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Delhi. Enterprises, governments, the development sector, medium and small-medium enterprises, and start-ups have all benefited from the companys digital solutions.

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