Delhi, April 9 -- Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd., a major in E-waste management and recycling Company in the Eastern Region of India announces a successful collaboration with JUSCO (Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company) a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur to kindle a change in the existing waste management Sector of India. This collaboration is expected to bring about new dimensions to the awareness generation among people in Jamshedpur and nearby areas. Hulladek has been doing quite good in the e-waste management sectors by collaborating with many public and private organisations like Frontech, Oscar, Spencers, INOX, DLF, Shapoorji Pallonji, South City and many more. Whereas, JUSCO is responsible for the Management, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Township and Utilities of Jamshedpur.

Hulladek has successfully collected and recycled over 3.5 lakhs tonnes of e-waste in 2018-19 alone. This is a huge share of the e-waste produced in India that stands 5th in the global e-waste production list. With an overall production of around 1.8 million tonnes annually There is a huge requirement to spread awareness among the people. Hulladek strategic partnerships have always been centred towards spreading the word of awareness among the Indian population, so as to ensure that there comes a time in the near future that almost e-waste as high as 95% of the total produced in the nation, finds its place in the organised waste management units and not in dump yards causing ruckus for the generations to come.

Currently, the company has been growing rapidly with a projected annual growth rate of around 29% in 2018-19 which was just 8% in the previous year in revenue generation and approximately 300% growth in e-waste collection over a period of three years. This journey has brought in several ups and downs for the founder Mr Nandan Mall but where it stands today, in the contribution towards the budding e-waste management industry in the nation, is all due to continuous efforts and never give up attitude owned by the company.

Mr. NandanMall

Hulladek, in collaboration with JUSCO would be reaching out to companies, manufacturers, mass users, educational institutes and much more to generate awareness and attract people to participate for the cause, to promote healthy and sustainable management of e-waste in the Jamshedpur area. JUSCO has wholeheartedly extended their helping hands for the cause of Hulladek through this association. JUSCO would be our partner in spreading awareness and providing us with all sorts of operational and marketing help, whereas our lookout would be focused on the collection of the e-waste, payment as per weight of the waste, and getting the waste recycled as per e-waste management rules 2016,said Mr. Nandan Mall referring to the collaboration with JUSCO.

This would lead to the channelisation of the e-waste management industry in India with an annual worth of approximately $3 Billion, to enter the organised sector, boosting its profits and effectiveness by many folds. Hulladek in association with JUSCO takes the responsibility to get in touch with the e-waste generated on hubs, such as schools, colleges, commercial establishments, regarding the services provided by mutually by JUSCO and Hulladek. It also intends to line up the benefits that they could render to the generations to come by availing Hulladek services. Moreover, it is a hassle-free process for people to get rid of their e-waste with just a few clicks or a call.

Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Newsvoir.