Haryana, July 22 -- In the midst of 21st-century crisis, where over 76 million people still don;t have access to safe drinking water, where unemployment rates are soaring high, where education is hindered by staggering disparities, the vision of Sabka Vikas; appears like a distant dream. Realizing the potential of a better future, M3M Foundation has taken a holistic approach to address such vulnerable yet crucial segments of the society. Having a passion to change and impact the lives of those around us is what the Foundation believes in.

M3M Foundation is determined to bring development across all sections of the society by undertaking projects that ensure holistic growth. The myriad of actions such as tree planting, rejuvenation of water bodies, developing model villages, providing safe drinking water, proper toilets, construction of hospitals and dharamshalas, are some of the major contributions that the foundation has worked upon.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, M3M Foundation

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee of M3M Foundation gives insight into the Foundations dream shaping into reality.Education has been a prime concern area of M3M Foundation. The Foundation hasextended a hand to bring out of school; children and impart education with the help of liberal assistance, said Dr. Kanodia.Liberal Scholarship is provided from high school to Ph.D. to encourage bright students to perform and prosper. Alongside financial assistance, the Foundation will be providing toilets, clean drinking water, well-equipped computers, and lab facilities to needy schools.

Speaking on other initiatives, she adds, M3M Foundation has taken a strong stand towards inculcating better health practices and providing medical facilities for the underprivileged in the unserved areas. Ithas committed to making positive contributions to the communities and with that aim, the Foundation hassuccessfully organized 8 summer camps for 500 underprivileged children in association with the following 5 NGOs namely - Rasta-New Delhi, Agrasa-Gurugram, Mera Parivar-New Delhi, Tender Hearts Education Society-Faridabad, Chetna-New Delhi.The Foundation has also extended help to683 families affected byCyclone-Fani of Puri district by spending Rs. 7.03 lacs inassociation with Meals of Happiness throughthe provision ofrelief packages including clothes for men, women, and children, groceries, rice, spices, pulses, medical kits and etc.

With its holistic approach, M3M Foundation is focusing on women empowerment. We have been actively working on the empowerment of women. From imparting education to providing skill development, the Foundation has strengthened them to improve their earnings,Dr. Kanodia said.

When asked about the future plans of the M3M Foundation, Dr. Kanodia shares some of their future projects. The Foundation hasplanned to start State of Arts; free residential school for underprivileged children and grant about 4000 scholarships to underprivileged students all over India. M3M also plans to develop Tauru region as a model area of development andgrant scholarships to all underprivileged students in Tauru Municipality. They will also be developing a building that will serve the purpose of providing employment to unemployed poor women in the region. Inside, there will be sewing centers. computer centers, and counseling provided to children receiving higher education. The Foundation has also promised to set up an ambulance with all the facilities providing free services to the people of the Tauru region. Adding to this, Dr. Kanodia also talked about their plans for organizing an afforestation campaign during August;19.

The Foundation is now looking forwardto joining hands with a large number of NGOs like, Agrasar-Gurugram, Meals of Happiness-New Delhi, The Nudge-Bangalore, Ramraj Environment-Gurugram and Sapna-New Delhi. M3M Foundation along with these NGOs will work on the execution of the planned initiatives and harness the true potential of the progressing India.

Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Newsvoir.