Kathmandu, April 2 -- Jyoti was standing just outside the gate when I stepped out. I walked past her hurriedly, on my way out to work. She caught up with me.

Hello, I said.

Hello, she smiled.

My father is asking if you will tuition me, she asked.

Tuition, what? I asked in return. I'm not sure.

Oh, if you will teach me.

Teach you what? I laughed lightly.

Teach me. She smiled again.

I said: Okay. Let me think about it. Let's talk about this later?

I smiled and she smiled back.

Rushing to work, I kept thinking about how she had beamed when I had said okay. And inside my head I was already starting to plan what I could 'teach' her. The opportunity that had presented itself to me drummed an excitement in me. I was being given this ch...