Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- More than a month after Prime Minister K P Olidissolved the Lower Houseand called for interim elections in April-May, the biggest protest so far against the move was held on Friday in Kathmandu by a rival party faction.

Ironically, the rally was not held by any of the opposition parties, but theanti-Oli faction of the rulingNepal Communist Party (NCP) led by Madhav Kumar Nepal and former Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Groups of NCP cadre marched from various parts of Kathmandu and congregated at Bhrikuti Mandap, where top leaders of the party singled out Prime Minister Oli for blistering attacks, using strong language, calling his move anti-democratic and unconstitutional.

"K P Oli is not a man of his word, he ...