Rabat, June 3 -- Thanks to its popularity for walks and picnics, Jnan Sbil in Fez's medina is always teeming with life.

Fez's wali, Said Zniber, clearly sees even further potential for the park. Last Thursday, Zniber called a meeting with the presidents of the Spirit of Fez Foundation, the Fez-Saiss Association, the Regional Tourist Board of Fes Boulemane (CRT), for a meeting to discuss future animation projects and other ways to improve the park.

Presidents of the Agency for the Dedensification and Rehabilitation of the Medina of Fez (ADER), the Euromed University of Fez ( UEMF ), and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) were also in attendance.

Aziz Lebbar, president of CRT, told the meeting of Fez's tourism and academic ...