New Delhi, Sept. 23 -- Contrary to public perception that only Indians go abroad to study, in 2018-19, India was home to 47,427 foreign students from 164 countries, including 1,518 from the US, as per official data.

The flip side, however, was that despite the government's Study in India initiative this number only grew by less than 1,500 students in 2018-19 as against the previous year when the total number of foreign students enrolled were 46,144 in 2017-18.

Of the total foreign students, the highest number came from Nepal which contributed 26.88%, followed by Afghanistan (9.8%), Bangladesh (4.38%), Sudan (4.02%), Bhutan (3.82%,), Nigeria (3.4%), the US (3.2%), Yemen (3.2%), Sri Lanka (2.64%), and Iran (2.38%).

Among major contributo...