New Delhi, Oct. 18 -- ITR 1 form also known as Sahaj is mainly for salaried individuals earning up to Rs.50 lakh annually. Only resident individuals can file ITR-1. As the last date for filing 30th November 2020 is arriving soon, you should not wait for the last day to file your taxes to avoid any last time hassle. To start with you should know which ITR should you file. Next step is to complete the documents that you would need to file the ITR form. Here's is some help to those who will need to file ITR 1.

Who can file ITR 1

Return in Form ITR-1 can be filed by an ordinary resident individual (not HUF) having an income of up to Rs.50 lakh. Total income for this purpose includes the following:

1) income from salary or pension

2) incom...