New Delhi, Nov. 26 -- The Chairman of RPG Enterprise Harsh Goenka in one of his latest posts talks about the six things that makes him super-excited about Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

Sharing his thoughts with the world he tweeted on Wednesday that the vaccine is effective, cheap, conventional, can be easily transported, its efficacy is 90% at one-and-a-half dose. Also, its made in India!

The tweet went viral with 2.6K likes, but received mixed reaction from people.

Someone said, "Another imp fact ...Astra Zenica has made a no profit pledge on the vaccine."

While another post said, "I dunno (don't know) but (I) m skeptic abt (about) taking mRNA based vaccine. It's promising of course but (I) m Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs person, e...