New Delhi, March 4 -- Gold prices witnessed a slight decrease on Monday. The price of 24 carat gold is Rs.6432.4 per gm, down by Rs.502.0. The price of 22 carat gold is Rs.5892.1 per gm, down by Rs.460.0.

The price change in 24 carat gold over the last week has been -1.14%, while in the last month it has seen a 0.13% increase.

The cost of silver is Rs.73500.0 per kg, down by Rs.1000.0 per kg.

Gold and Silver prices in various cities are as follows:

- Chennai: Gold price of Rs.64386.0/10g and silver price of Rs.76900.0/1kg.

- Delhi: Gold price of Rs.64324.0/10g and silver price of Rs.73500.0/1kg.

- Mumbai: Gold price of Rs.64575.0/10g and silver price of Rs.73500.0/1kg.

- Kolkata: Gold price of Rs.63821.0/10g and silver price of Rs....