MUMBAI, June 14 -- The central government borrowed Rs.26,750 crore in the weekly market borrowing auction held on 11 June, Rs.750 crore more than the notified amount, Care Ratings said in a note.

During the auction, bids worth Rs.9,975 crore were devolved to primary dealers in case of the 10-year bond, maturing in 2030.

"The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has managed to maintain the cut-off yields in case of the 10-year paper at below 6%. This is the second instance during this fiscal wherein there has been a devolvement of the bids to the primary dealers in case of the 10-year paper," it said.

In case of the two-year paper, the note said, green shoe option worth Rs750 crore was exercised.

The amount raised so far in FY22 is Rs2.7 trilli...