New Delhi, Jan. 9 -- Indian film actor Amitabh Bachchan now has 45 million followers on his Twitter account.

The actor had joined the microblogging website in May, 2010 and has been active on the platform. Thanking a fan of his, Jasmine Jani, who posted a picture of him and his father, Bachchan tweeted the photo and recalled one of his significant memories with him.

"Thank you Jasmine, but the picture says a lot more," Bachchan said adding that the picture was from when he came back home surviving the accident at the shoot of his film, Coolie. "Its the moment I came home surviving death after the 'Coolie' accident," he said.

"T 3777 - The caption informs of 45 million on Twitter .. thank you Jasmine, but the picture says a lot more ..I...