NEW DELHI, April 8 -- A funding dispute has arisen in Delhi government colleges, pitting teacher associations against the self-funded model, yet their rationales differ. Among the involved organisations are the Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA) and the Academic for Action and Development Delhi Teachers' Association (AADTA), each representing distinct perspectives and interests.

While DUTA blames the AAP government for the crisis by refusing full funding, AADTA, also opposing self-funding, criticises the delayed resolution and worries about the government's proposal aligning with the alleged privatization goals of NEP 2020.

Faculty members have expressed frustration over the prolonged delay in addressing issues afflicting 12 fully funded Delhi Government colleges. Highlighting the formation of a High-Level Committee to address the ongoing crisis, AADTA criticised the decisions taken during its meeting on April 3, 2024, describing them as "old wine in a new bottle." The association underscored the failure of previous committees to effectively address the issues, pointing to the prolonged nature of the crisis. AADTA also opposed the agenda outlined in point no. 2 of the committee's minutes, dated April 3, 2024, which proposed diverting student development funds towards staff salaries and infrastructure expenses arguing that such measures align with the privatization and contractualisation goals of NEP 2020, potentially destabilising the financial footing of government colleges.

Expressing concern over the use of HEFA loans and grant cuts to finance infrastructure development, AADTA warned against the implementation of NEP 2020's "internal resource mobilisation" tactics. The association cautioned that such measures could lead to the establishment of self-financing institutions under Boards of Governors (BoGs).

Furthermore, AADTA and DUTA have both demanded timely payment of salaries, arrears, pension benefits, and medical bills, as well as the ex-post facto sanction of teaching and non-teaching posts.

In a pointed accusation, AADTA has also constantly via various press statements and interviews expressed concern over alleged collusion between NDTF leadership in DUTA and the Lt Governor-controlled bureaucracy.

Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Millennium Post.