Kuala Lampur, Sept. 22 -- Somewhere in the urban confines of the city hides a little-known secret in one of its green lungs: A romp of wild otters.

Nestled north of Jinjang is Taman Tasik Metropolitan Kepong, a 222-acre public park popular with the residents of Selayang and Batu Caves. For years it has served as a recreational area for families, joggers, and kite enthusiasts looking to catch zephyrs.

Despite the area's popularity, it was only recently that otters were spotted in the park's vast lake.

The sleek, semiaquatic mammals can sometimes be seen during midday when they emerge from their nests to hunt for fish, frolic and, if one is lucky to see it, come on land to bask in the sun. This can be an unusual sight for urban dwellers,...