KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 24 -- Mealtimes can be competitive, with every dish calling out for our approval.

There are times we put far too much attention on the main course, the star of the show so to speak. A well-marbled ribeye steak, oh so juicy and full of flavourful fat. The wafer thin skin of a Peking duck, roasted to divine crispiness, shattering in our mouths.

Even the desserts have a shot at the limelight. For who doesn't love a frosty and rainbow-hued bowl of ais kacang, topped with a dollop of durian ice cream, or a custardy creme brulee, with a caramelised crown waiting for you to crack open with a teaspoon?

Indeed, if you have a sweet tooth, it's the ending to your meal that you most look forward to.

Which makes me sympathise wi...