Afghanistan, July 6 -- The security forces arrested the remaining gang members of Enayat Qochi during an operation in Kabul.

Qochi was notorious crime kingpin who was killed in an in counter in Kabul city late in May.

The Kabul Police Headquarters in a statement said the police forces arrested Feroz, Ajmal, Gula Jan and Baryalai, the remaining gang members of Enayat Quchi.

The statement further added that the security forces arrested the four individuals from Mir Bacha Kot district of Kabul.

Furthermore, the Kabul Police said the security forces also confiscated 3 Ak-47 rifles, a pistol, 18 ammunition magazines, 244 rounds of Ak-47 ammunition and some other weapons.

The security forces killed Enayat Qochi, the leader of the gang duri...