RANCHI, India, May 19 -- Jharkhand High Court issued the following order on April 19:

1. Heard learned counsel for the parties.

2. The instant writ application has been preferred for a direction upon the respondents to consider the case of the petitioners for direct appointment of IVth grade employees within the district of Palamau as per resolution issued under Memo No.2162 dated 03.09.2009 (Annexure-1) and resolution under Memo No.1214 dated 30.05.2014 (Annexure-2) issued by respondent authorities.

3. The brief fact of the case as disclosed in the instant writ application is that the respondents have issued a resolution udner Memo No.2162 dated 03.09.2009 for direct appointment in IVth Grade employees of Schedule Tribe in all distric...