India, June 21 -- ZILLA PARISHAD JALPAIGURI has issued a tender notice titled "Solar Drinking Water at Sipai Para Maldani more Kali Mandir at Booth 249Activity Id 98298083" with the tender reference no.: WB/JAL/SADAR/KB-1/02/24-25.

The tender details are as follows: SOLAR DRINKING WATER AT Sipai Para Maldani More Kali Mandir at Booth 249Activity ID 98298083 Title: Wb/Jal/Sadar/Kb-1/02/24-25/1 CIVIL WORKS

The expression of interest should be received by June 29.

For more information, contact ZILLA PARISHAD JALPAIGURI, Address: Ghugudanga Jalpaiguri.



State: West Bengal

Pin: 735122

Tel/Fax: 91-120-4200462,

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