India, Dec. 2 -- "Any more strategies? Your midnight one wasn't very effective, nor the secretive early morning swearing in!"

"I don't know, but they seem to be beating me nowadays!"

"I noticed!"

"I wonder whether they've peeked into my book!"

"What book?"

"The one I use to make my moves! This one!"

"It says, 'Strategies and Surgical Strikes!' I thought I coined that phrase?"

"No, I gave it to you from this book!"

"And you're getting all your ideas from this one book?"

"Yes, after the chapter on Money in Your Bank Account and Surgical Strikes worked, I have grown to rely on it! You know that chapter on Shock and Awe through Demonetization, and Governor at Midnight and also the other on Midnight Presidential Knock were all from this...