NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- 1. Jesus was born in a cow shed. Joyful simplicity

2. Mary and Joseph were lost in contemplation, speaking no words. Adoring

3. He had no enjoyable childhood days and playmates. Love children

4. King Herod wanted to kill Jesus, as he was most insecure. Be for life

5. Wise men from the East offered gifts to Jesus. Surrender

6. Joseph and Mary were from the poorest sections. Option for poor

7. All through life Jesus opted for poor life situations. Bear burdens

8. Mary and Joseph were most attuned to the style of Jesus. Compliant

9. Before birth his name was told, Jesus, meaning Emmanuel, God with us. Breathe Jesus

10. His core teaching was to love God and love others. Compassion

11. He insisted that all his di...