Elk Grove, Aug. 31 -- It may not be too long from now before 13-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Neil Nayyar, graces the small screen after signing an acting contract with a Los Angeles Acting Agency.

Nayyar first captured public attention in 2017, when he was featured on WTNH for being the youngest person to play the most instruments from around the world. At the time he was only 12-years-old and able to play 44 instruments. But almost two years later, he has exceeded his goal of playing 100 musical instruments before his thirteenth birthday.

Nayyar has now mastered 107 musical instruments and still holds the Assist Foundation's World Record for being the youngest person to play the highest number of musical instruments.This remarkable teen is able to play musical instruments from more than 40 countries. The repertoire of instruments he has mastered includes the Glass Harp from Poland, the Chinese Pipa, the Vietnamese T'rung and the African Kora. He is now working on mastering his 108th instrument.

Nayyar began playing music when he was five years old when he took a drum class and astounded everyone. He credits his knack for music to the Mozart Classics that he listened while he was still in the womb. Despite his natural talent, Nayyar leaves nothing to chance and dedicates 8 hours per day to practicing these instruments.

Asked about how he balances school and practicing music, he explained: "Online education offers the flexibility to adjust my time. I am self-motivated and really passionate about music. Furthermore, I spend my time wisely. I don't watch television or play video games."

Mastering 107 is undoubtedly no small fete. Since appearing on WTNH, Nayyar has attracted the attention of multiple high-profile media sources including the Indian Express, Fox 40, Good Day Sacramento and most recently ABC10.

Nayyar's ambition is to compose, write, teach and direct music. But for now,he is focused on preparing for future auditions through his acting agency. In the interim, he is also working on his debut album which is scheduled to be released within the next 6 to 8 months. For further information about Neil Nayyar or to get updates on the launch of his debut album,visit: Neilnayyar.com.

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