India, May 17 -- Arizona State University has been ranked in the top 1% of nearly 21,000 universities worldwide for education, employability, faculty and research, according to the 2024 edition of the Global 2000 list by the Center for World University Rankings.

The center uses objective indicators to rank 20,966 universities around the world. The rankings were released May 13.

Overall, ASU ranks 194th out of the total 20,966 institutions - in the top 1% - and 67th in the U.S.

For employability, ASU ranked 649th, or the top 5%.

Other rankings for ASU are:

*Regional rank (U.S. and Canada): 74th.

*Research rank: 150th - in the top 1%.

*Faculty rank: 266th - in the top 2%.

*Education rank: 451st - in the top 3%.

ASU ranked higher th...