IMPHAL, Oct. 14 -- The ongoing restoration work of Chibu stone slabs has brought down the antique quality of the three age-old stone slabs inside the Maharaja Chandrakirti memorial park, claimed joint director of Arts and Culture, A. Biramani.

The inscribed stone slabs were erected during the reign of Maharaja Chandrakirti in 1872 to commemorate his victory over rebel Lushai chiefs at Chibu, Tongjang Village, Churachandpur.

Engraved footprints of Maharaja Chandrakirti and Thangal General are present in front of two of the inscribed slabs, and one of the slabs symbolises Lord Thangjing and his consort.

The total protected area of the complex is 607.50 square metres, and a serene beautiful salt water lake popularly known as Chibu Lake is...