IMPHAL, Oct. 21 -- "Meitheis are the descendants of the surrounding Chingshang Hao Naga tribes. Naturally, Meitheis are Nagas by blood," said founder of Haomi Research Guild, Samuel Awungshi Shingtara.

Speaking to the media today at Manipur Press Club, Imphal, Samuel said the practice of wearing Hao Naga shawls, 'luirumphi' by the prince and 'karaophi' by the princess during coronation service for becoming the king and queen was a must among the Meitheis.

In short, the coronation service 'phambal kaba' has been mandatory to be held in the Naga traditional attire till today. If the tradition is not followed, the kingship will be considered null and void by custom, he stated.

He said the appearance of a Hao Naga man (Haobi Haoba) during th...