Pakistan, July 9 -- Toyota IMC has finally announced that they are now taking bookings for the brand new Yaris. The car had been observed doing test runs on Pakistani roads earlier this year, and was officially revealed by the company back on March 27, 2020.

The Yaris is set t0 take 0n the H0nda City and the rest 0f the c0mpact sedan segment, s0 the c0mpany can finally retire the T0y0ta C0r0lla XLI and GLI variants and have the car c0mpete directly against the H0nda Civic and 0ther mid-size sedans in the market.


In terms 0f the l00ks, the Yaris seems a bit t00 bubbly and curvy as c0mpared t0 City's angular and sharp, albeit dated design. The wheels are 15 inch all0ys, which seem a bit t00 small and the right height seems a bit...