Pakistan, July 3 -- Airline Ratings, the world's best airline safety and product rating review website, has downgraded the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ranking to a 1-star airline after it was revealed that a major chunk of its pilots held fake licenses.

Edit0r-in-Chief Airline Ratings, Ge0ffrey Th0mas, has said:

Clearly, there needs t0 be an investigati0n int0 p0ssible bribery and falsifying related t0 the pil0t licenses. This is deeply disturbing as the IATA 0perati0nal Safety Audit (I0SA) audit and Internati0nal Civil Aviati0n 0rganizati0n (ICA0) c0untry audit sh0uld pick this up.

Last m0nth, Minister f0r Aviati0n, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, in the Nati0nal Assembly while presenting the investigati0n rep0rt 0f PIA's PK-8303 crash,...