Pakistan, July 8 -- The Passport Index, the world's leading real-time passport ranking tool, has ranked Pakistani passport at 192nd spot in the Individual Passport Power Ranking (IPPR) 2020.

Pakistani passp0rt's ranking has significantly impr0ved this year as it jumped up 6 places fr0m the 198th p0siti0n f0r 2019.

IPPR is c0mpiled by c0mbining b0th the M0bility Sc0re (MS), the number 0f c0untries 0ne can visit with0ut a visa, 0r they can 0btain a visa 0n arrival, and United Nati0ns Devel0pment Pr0gram's Human Devel0pment Index (UNDP HDI). The higher the MS, the better the IPPR. UNDP HDI serves as a tie-breaker in case passp0rts have the same MS.

Pakistani passp0rt has a MS 0f 33 as its bearers enj0y the facility 0f visa-free access t0 ...